February 25, 2015
Positive Transitions Open House scheduled at Community Action Program Committee, Inc. Pensacola...

August 2, 2014
SSTI trainers will be in City of Miami providing business...

August 18, 2014
SSTI is proud to announce the launch of its Positive...

October 16, 2014
SSTI is proud to announce the re-launching of its web...

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We are workforce and business development specialists concentrating on the story of people enhancement through soft skills training and education. The core missions of SSTI revolve around the development and delivery of nuanced and innovative training strategies and solutions. Our efforts are to create core competencies in areas relevant to the sustenance, flexibility and viability of our workforce, business and organizational communities. We bring great projects to Life.


Positive Transitions is a Re-Entry, Pre-Trial and Probation program developed by SSTI. Positive Transitions is a 30 Hour core competency certificate based program designed to enhance the opportunities for workforce, business and life success of

ex-offenders and those with tough backgrounds. SSTI developed all workbooks, resource materials, and assessments, as well as the first of its kind, AccuI assessment center for program clients. www.positivetransitions.us


Ngenyus is a STEM program developed by SSTI. We are the creators of the first and only STEM+ program. SSTI developed the coding curriculum and integrated both the business and soft skills mechanics to create this one of a kind program. Ngenyus is active in seven cities across America and stands as a standard for advancing urban youth in STEM. For more info, please contact info@sstiflorida.com.


 Higher Heights Escambia is a capacity building program developed by SSTI. The purpose of HHE is to advance, through training, the capacities and organizational capabilities of African-American non-profits and churches in Escambia County Florida.
Please see ww.higherheightsescambia.com

SSTI offers over one hundred courses and modules, applicable to every age group, from youth to adults. All of the programs developed by SSTI are based on the advancement of Emotional Intelligence. Every course and module is based on the proposition of enhancing self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy and social skills. We offer Training as a Service (TaaS) to organizations across America through programs like the following:

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