About Us

Our mission is to build people through soft skills training and education. Fundamentally, people make up communities and businesses. Our effort is to advance through study, research and sober investigation the delivery of training that matters. We believe that the lack of emotional intelligence, which stands as a precursor to life success, has contributed to poverty, the lack of economic development and acceptance of mediocrity as the standard.

In furtherance of our mission, The Soft Skills Training Institute of Florida pledges to dispel conventional wisdom as it relates to abilities and achievement within urban communities and shall contribute to the advancement of all in every human endeavor through soft skills as a means to technical skill advancement. At SSTI, we believe in "People Building".

SSTI are the developers of the PeopleSmart  model. The PeopleSmart model was developed to address the knowledge variables to support emotional intelligence development, i.e., self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy and social skills development. Please see our intervention model by clicking the link below.

The Soft Skills Training Institute of Florida is a training company offering Training as a Service (TaaS). SSTI is a national service provider of comprehensive soft skills education and training platforms in the areas of workforce, business and organizational development.

We build curriculum, programs and resource materials around the delivery of comprehensive soft skills education. Our focus is the delivery of such mechanics to urban communities. We are the developers of projects and programs around the nation and our staff consist of many trainers dedicated to optimizing human capacities and competencies that transform lives         

We are the developers of the PeopleSmartâ„¢ Model. We have developed and utilized our model to advance people. PeopleSmartâ„¢ represents the integration and synergy of soft skills, emotional intelligence development and the advancement of critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is how we contribute to the evolution of people+smart.
If you have high emotional intelligence you are able to recognize your own emotional state and the emotional states of others, and engage with people in a way that draws them to you. You can use this understanding of emotions to relate better to other people, form healthier relationships, and achieve greater success at work, in life and in business. Our soft skills systems educate and train towards this end. For more information send an email to info@sstiflorida or call 850.725.1712 to reach one of our specialist. Click on the SSTI Capabilities Statement below to review our competencies.

Our Mission

About SSTI

To constantly deliver innovative and creative learning strategies:

To never cut corners on excellence
To consistently focus on our three key areas of business:

     - Workforce Development
     - Business Development
     - Organizational Development

To provide education and training that is relevant and relates to the real life situations in the community and workplace.

To implement a process of continual review and improvement for our preparation of training courses and materials.

Our Principles